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Argentina Red Stag Hunt

Hunt free range red stag in the heart of the best big-game habitat of Argentina. Wild stags have roamed this flat and bushy environment for over one hundred years and are perfectly suited. Hunts are conducted early morning and late evening by stalking the thick forest edges and the lush pastures where the stags come out to graze or by strategically located high seats.

Argentina Red Stag Hunting Outfitters

The terrain in the La Pampa district is easy for anyone in decent shape to hunt with gently rolling hills and flat plains. The stag hunting is normally conducted very early in the morning and late in the evening when the stags are roaring the loudest. After hearing a mature stag roar, you and your guide will get the wind in your favor and make a stalk by following his roaring. Shots will tend to be in brush/forest areas although they sometimes come out into the open grassy areas when stags head there to chase the hinds (females)

Red Stag Hunting in Argentina

March 20th starts the first day of Autumn and is pretty close to the beginning of the red deer rut (also known as the red deer Roar). The rut can actually start +/- 10 days from the first day of Fall if the mornings are cold and the afternoon’s hot. Hunting red deer during the “Roar” is a pretty exciting time hunt. The red deer are starting to stake out territories and gather the red deer hinds (female red deer) at this time. The Red Stag will “Roar “most mornings and evenings. It is not uncommon of most red deer hunting rifle shots to be less than 100 yards. This is a great time for bowhunting red deer too. Spot and stalk bow hunting should produce results in the 30-40 yard range. The Red Deer will be in very good condition at this time of year.
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