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Argentina Perdiz Hunt

The word “perdiz” is Spanish slang for the word partridge. You will not shoot a “real” perdiz in Argentina. You’ll shoot the most common specie of tinamou. The real perdiz is actually the Spanish red legged Partridge. However, you’ll call them perdiz-a sporty name for a sporty bird that holds well for dogs, flies fast and thrives in light cover, also offering succulent white meat at the table. The tinamou is about the size of a Hungarian partridge..or as we call them… perdiz

Perdiz Hunting in Argentina

Argentina perdiz hunting is arguably the most exciting upland game and La Pampa province has the highest population of perdiz in Argentina.

We hunt highly productive fields for theses beautiful birds on numerous ranches. While hunting with TS Buenos Aires, you should see about 15-20 perdiz in a single afternoon and most hunters reach the daily bag limit of 10. Our top trained Pointers and Brittany’s never cease to amaze our perdiz hunters. They respond quickly to the guide and never wonder to far off. Our perdiz dogs will greatly enhance your hunting experience.
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