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Enjoy your duck hunt in Argentina with the best services and generous limint.
This kind of hunting takes place in Buenos Aires Province, the lagoons make this place an authentic paradise, coveted by waterfowl lovers all around the world . It is extremely important to get into the hunting spots at night, because any strange movement makes the ducks fly away.
As hunting aesthetics are an important principle in our operation, we would like to emphasize the fact that T&S Buenos Aires is committed to making great strides with dry-permanent-blinds, specie-specific decoys, duck calls and other important additions to the daily hunts in order to make this a top quality experience. All duck shooting is from dry-permanent- blinds. However we strongly recommend bringing chest-waders since more than once you'll need to walk in water in order to get to the blinds.
A typical day starts at 4.00 a.m., when the hunters have a quick breakfast and then, they get their camouflage gear and their waders (a must). Once they are ready, they head to the selected spot for the first day of hunting, sailing almost in darkness, lit only by the moon and the stars. .
The hunting posts are built by the guides with natural elements, like bushes of the area. Every post is located strategically, taking into account that the ducks always land against the wind and that that is the best time to shoot. Usually, the hunting goes from sunrise till 11.00 a.m., or until the hunter has reached his limit.

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