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Dove Hunting in Argentina

La Pampa Province has become synonymous with the phrase "high-volume dove hunting." The region has a delightful climate that allows grain crops such as corn, sorghum, wheat and peanuts to flourish most of the year. This enormous food supply is bordered and interspersed with dense hillside roosting cover, and the combination of food source and roost has produced a population of Zainada Airiculata estimated to be over 20 million birds - Argentina doves that do not migrate, reproduce up to four times annually and provide literally year-round shooting.

Argentina Dove Hunting

Doves are considered a plague by the Office of Agriculture of the Province, and a nuisance for farmers, so dove hunting has become a necessity that helps local producers control the dove population which accounts for an incredibly high number. This number keeps constant as there are a variety of factors, such as plenty of grain, enough rainfall, and mild weather that favor dove reproduction, as well as roosting areas around which doves nest and concentrate. Besides, they cannot be poisoned without affecting crops and even other birds and animals coexisting in the same area, so dove shooting is an activity that is quite beneficial for everybody involved, shooters who have a blast, farmers who don’t want their harvest reduced and outfitters and local people who work in the hunting business.

Argentina Dove Hunting Outfitters

We guarantee 100 % success any time of the year and as we own exclusive rights over the roosts where we shoot, we offer plenty of shooting opportunities for everyone, from the novice hunter to the most experienced one, with shots 15 or 20 yards away inside the roosts to high dove shooting 40 yards away.

TS Buenos Aires Outfitters has always strived for higher standards to make your Argentina Dove Hunting your right choice for the most memorable shooting trip of a lifetime!
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